From: A college friend
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 23:29:14 -0700


I just went to an incredible performance of Chinese classical dancing variety on stage. I came back with my chest filled with beauty, passion, and enlightening melodies. Most of the stage performers are young high school kids, yet who showed me a world class performance. I swear I heard some of the well know Chinese ShinJiang melody was blended with hip-pop beats. I could not resist the traditional Chinese feminine in the shoulder movements of soft, consist, light, and beauty in the opening dance. That is just one example.

The instructors are world medal winner dancers who came from the Beijing Dancing Academy. When I interpreted them of the world class caliber, the basis for their success is plausible and explained. I always wondered who would ever go to a dull concert of Chinese classical music by Chinese classical music instruments. Today I proved I was totally wrong. All the commonly known melodies were reprogrammed with the 21st century's approach. You will like them because they have been your favorites. So no big deal there. But the big deal is that your teenager sons and daughters will like them too. That was what I least expected.

... During the two hours in the theater as I felt from story to story, dropped into a moonlighted desert from a snowy mountain or led by lovers from scene to scene by their powerful feelings effected me, I was shuttled through different worlds. The funny matchmaker became happy after many difficult, artistic and funny moves. As she learned that her matchmaking turned successful because a wedding happened. All turned total red, sharp, sudden and powerful red. Thanks all that to the light manipulator.

I was fortunate enough that last year I was treated by the Chinese top officials in Beijing with a top performance of ballet dance by the National Chinese Dance Academy. That was in Beijing and of course it was good. What I just experienced in the West Valley College in Saratoga California a dancing performance by our next generation is no less! than the one in Beijing.  

From: Donna Frankel
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 10:29:14 -0700

Dear Helen,

Many thanks for the tickets, we really enjoyed this show. Did you notice that the place was packed Sat night? I counted a total of only 9 empty seats, and one was because the chair itself was broken.

Thanks for mentioning that your daughter is the tallest dancer in "The Yellow River" as she was easy to spot. You must be so very proud! The Yellow River was my favorite on the program, the dancers were all excellent and the music delightful To my untrained ears, much of the music from Mongolia was indistinguishable, but the concerto for me was simply invigorating. The choreography for the suite of dances held together well, with the feeling of the rolling river, and really some amazing dancing. I found the energy of these young dancers thrilling. Yao Yong is an exciting choreographer-and so very young!

Thank you again for the tickets. A most enjoyable dance concert!