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2017-2014 | 2013-2003
>> 2017  
video 金秋舞展錄影剪輯  Autumn Showcase 2017 animnew video 春季舞展錄影剪輯  Spring Showcase 2017
>> 2016  
video 金秋舞展錄影剪輯  Autumn Showcase 2016 animnew video 春季舞展錄影剪輯  Spring Showcase 2016
>> 2015  
video 秋季舞展錄影剪輯 Autumn Showcase 2015 video 春季舞展錄影剪輯 Spring Showcase 2015
>> 2014 : 15週年慶典/the 15th Anniversay Celebration  
video 15周年庆典錄影剪輯 The 15th Anniversay Celebration
>> 2014  
video 春季舞展錄影剪輯 Spring Showcase 2014 video 金秋舞展錄影剪輯 Autumn Showcase 2014

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